• OPDs
    • Kayachikitsa
    • Panchkarma
    • Shalya
    • Shalakya(Mukh-Nasa –Karan Roga)
    • Prasuti Tantra Stri Roga
    • Bal-Roga
    • Shalakya(Netra Roga)
    • Dant Roga
    • Swasthvritta and Yoga
  • IPDs
    • Kayachikitsa
    • Panchkarma
    • Shalya
    • Shalakya
    • Prasuti Tantra
    • Stree Roga
    • Bal-Roga
  • Major OT and Minor OT   -   To perform major surgeries to minor surgeries like Excision of benign tumors, cysts, Incision & Drainage  procedures, certain Ano-rectal surgeries, Kshar sutra procedures etc.
  • Labour Room
  • Ophthalmic and Dental unit
  • Clinical and Biochemistry laboratories
  • X-ray
  • ECG
  • Panchkarama wing
    Panchakarma is one of the unique therapeutic modules to treat most of the chronic diseases that brings the equilibrium of dosha in the body by removing the toxins from the body by different sodhana procedures Viz -
    Vamana - Vomiting treatment for expelling aggravated Kapha Dosha from the body.
    Virechana - Purgation treatment for expelling aggravated Pitta Dosha from the body.
    Vasti - Medicated enema treatment with herbal oils and decoctions for expelling the aggravated vata dosha.
    Nasya - Nasal Medication for the purification of Head.

    Rakta mokshan - Selective blood letting for expelling vitiated Blood from the body.

    Apart from this the treatment includes Elakizhi (Bolus bag massage with medicinal leaves) Navara kizhi (Bolus bag massage with medicated rice) Podikizhi (Bolus bag massage with medicinal powders) Pizhichil (Oil Bath with medicated oils) Shirodhara, Udhwarthana (Powder massage with medicinal powders) Abhyanga (Oil massage), Shirovasti,  Netra Vasti, Kativasti, Janu Basti, Nadi Swedan, Steam Bath, etc.

  • Yoga and Physiotherapy Unit
    • Physiotherapy Services are extended to
    • Neuro-related problems
    • Musculoskeletal related problems
    • Paediatric related problems
    • Women’s Health related problems
    • Geriatric related problems
    • Sports related problems
    • Cardiovascular and pulmonary related problems
    • Occupational related problems
    • Oncology related problems
    • Non-communicable diseases related problems
    • Ergonomics
    • Industrial related problems
    • Yoga facility -   With the view to improve physical & mental fitness of the patients as well as students ,Yoga classes are conducted
      in the mornings and evenings in the college campus. The classes are conducted by experienced Yoga trainers. Hostel students, both boys and girls, participate in the training regularly and get benefited.
  • Ksharsutra wing
    • Ksharsutra (Ayurvedic Medicated Thread) Treatment is a special therapy for Anorectal Disorders. This treatment has been
      rated as the best available management for Fistula in Ano with minimum (almost negligible)  recurrence rate. This being a treatment that can be done just by a weekly visit to the clinic also makes it superior to other modes of treatment, as there is minimum money loss. 
  • Immunization wing
  • Casuality
  • Ambulance facility
  • Library
    • Beehive College have of a spacious & well organized library, strategically placed right next to the class rooms. The Library contains numerous text & reference books, periodicals, magazines & international journals handpicked exclusively for the Ayurveda department. The library also has a range of digital publications and facility to use laptops.